INMIZIVI UV Germicidal Lamp, Ozone UV Disinfection Light Ultraviolet Germicidal Sterilization Light


  • ❤【EPA CERTIFICATED】With EPA Certificated, The lamp is legal and valid to sell. With UVC light & Ozone, the sterilization rate can be up to 99% for cleaning the air.
  • ❤【DUAL STERILIZATION】Ultraviolet can destroy DNA of an organism, make it lose its reproductive ability and die; Ozone can fast oxidation, decomposition, remove odors, no residue, and secondary pollution.
  • ❤【SAFE TO USE】Third gear can be timed 15/30/60 minutes, 15 seconds delay to start, to ensure people leave safely. A powerful remote control function can let you partition wall remote control.
  • ❤【WITH OZONE】Micro-ozone lamp, ozone has in addition to formaldehyde, odor, and other functions, and ozone is a gas, can fill the entire room, without the influence of obstacles, to achieve no dead angle. Ozone contains a peculiar smell, which requires ventilation after completion.
  • ❤【WARNING】When the product is working, no people or pets around. Avoid damage to skin and eyes. After use, it is recommended to ventilate for more than 30 minutes.
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