INMIZIVI Led strip light with Remote


App Controlled Strip Lights: Be controlled via app, remote control and controller; 16 million colors can be chosen; 28 dynamic modes can be chosen, like flashing, breathing, strobe, gradient; led strip lights with 300 leds smd 5050
Waterproof Led Strip Lights: Waterproof ip65, suitable for indoors and outdoors use; Led lights for bedroom, dining room, Kitchen, upstairs, porch, computer, christmas tree, party, garage, corridor, eaves
Music Sync Led Lights: Built in sensitivity adjustable mic, lights color will change with the rhythm of music or sound, and creating romance, relaxation, magical, gorgeous and interesting atmosphere for your party
Timing Mode: It can be your light alarm clock, pre setting the appropriate time and suitable color to make it turn on or off automatically, and you wake up in romantic lighting every morning
Easy Installation: It comes with 2 reel of 16.4ft led light strip, an AC power adapter, a 24 keys remote control, a controller, no need for any other expensive accessories; Easy to install, just clean the adhesive surface and paste, no extra steps


1. Please ensure that the adhesive surface is smooth, and make sure the surface clean, flat and dry before sticking the light strips.

2. The arrows should be connected on the same line. If the connection is not "arrow to arrow", the light won’t work.

3. When using the remote control, please point the receiver on the controller, and the remote control distance is 10m.

4. Before using the remote control, please pull out the transparent insulation sheet inside the remote control.

5. Although the led strip is waterproof, the power and controller are not waterproof. For safety reasons, Please hide the controller and power supply away from the water during using.

6. If you have any questions about the use of the APP, you can refer to the "Setting - Guide " in the upper right corner of the APP interface.

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